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State-of-the-Art Logistics

State-of-the-Art Logistics

Our inventory and distribution system is among the most modern available. All steel wire ropes and other products are allocated a unique bar code that registers all the necessary information such as certificates, materials, and so on. This enables us to get an overview of your total purchase quickly, and to control that all items have been ordered and shipped correctly.

With our state-of-the-art logistics we can guarantee that all steel wire ropes held in stock are dispatched from our inventory to anywhere in Europe within 24 hours of ordering. This minimizes the risk of order errors and delays in delivery, avoids unnecessary halts in production and needless worry.

About Ropenhagen

About Ropenhagen

Strength and durability are key requirements when it comes to steel wire rope, whether the rope is used for lifting, production or transportation applications.

Since it was founded in 1997, ropenhagen has positioned itself as a leading player within the steel wire rope industry in a broad spectrum of applications. We keep a large stock of many types of steel wire rope, and have many years experience in optimizing each assignment, to ensure the client gets maximum quality for his money.

As a supplier operating on the international market, ropenhagen works globally within the offshore, maritime, fishing and construction industries, often in collaboration with our network of international partners.

Quality and efficiency are the hallmarks of ropenhagen, and we strive to continuously develop our products further in cooperation with our ISO 9001 approved factories, who use the newest technology in the field. We are, naturally, also ISO 9001 approved.

Our aim is to be a competent and reliable partner who delivers on time - every time, the right quality at the right price.

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At ropenhaqen, we choose only the highest quality steel wire rope to suit the quality needed for its intended purpose, rope which is produced in partnership with carefully selected manufacturers who use good quality raw materials, and produce under strictly-controlled conditions.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, ropenhaqen documents all procedures and processes, from purchasing and logistics to sales and service. This close cooperation between ropenhaqen and our ISO 9001 certified manufacturers ensures that the raw materials are specially selected to withstand the demands the market makes in regard to, for example, rope strength, a vital element in the supplying of a quality product.

Every steel wire rope from ropenhagen has undergone the strictest quality control procedures to ensure that the product lives up to production requirements concerning tensile strength.

  • Steel wire Rope Break Test - to ensure that the rope lives up to the minimum permitted breaking load requirement.
  • Bending Fatigue Resistance Test – the test of the rope´s durability in connection with application of a constant or fluctuating amount of pressure while bent around a sheave.
  • Test Certificate – a certificate issued with every reel of steel wire rope supplied, detailing among other things, the steel wire rope´s guaranteed minimum breaking load and actual breaking load.

Read more about our ISO 9001 Certification and industry-related certificates (log-in required, contact Ropenhagen Sales)

Vision & Values

Vision & Values

At ropenhaqen, we want to be seen as a professional partner across the broad spectrum of steel wire rope products, one who delivers a high quality of professionalism through effective and quality-conscious purchasing procedures, transportation and inventory control, among other things.

Our success criteria at ropenhagen can be expressed as the following three values in our daily, internal and external partnerships:

  • Dynamic
  • Efficient
  • Correct

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